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What happens next?

Find out the full process of the Vasectomy Reversal operation. It all starts with an initial consultation appointment.

Arrange an appointment

If you think you would like to go ahead with a vasectomy reversal or would like to find out more by speaking to us then you should make an appointment online or by telephoning Yorkshire Vasectomy Reversal Clinic on 01482 672496. A referral letter from your GP is not required unless you have a complicated medical history which we should know about.

Your initial consultation

You will then receive an appointment to see us in the outpatient clinic at Spire Hull and East Riding Hospital. We will wish to find out about your general health and fitness for an operation and details of both you and your partners previous fertility, an examination of your vasectomy site will also be performed. Following this we will discuss with you your options depending on your particular circumstances and answer any questions you might have. Your partner is encouraged to attend the appointment with you.

Booking the operation

If after discussion you decide to go ahead with the reversal operation, we can find a suitable date for this before you leave, normally we can proceed within four weeks. You may wish to discuss the matter at home before making up your mind. If there is a particular date you would like your operation, to fit in with work etc, then please give us as much notice as possible.

Phone consultation appointment available

If you live a long way from us we can do most of the consultation over the telephone and if everything is straightforward your operation can be booked and we will perform your examination on the day you arrive for your surgery.

Written confirmation for the operation date

A week or two before the operation you will get written confirmation of your date and time of arrival in the hospital you will also be invoiced.

The price

The all in price of the procedure is £3,482, this includes the £150 you will have paid for the initial consultation. The price includes the operation, any follow up appointments and sperms counts.

About the operation

Your microsurgical vasectomy reversal is carried out under a general anaesthetic, the operation taking between two and three hours to perform. Most men can leave hospital on the same day as the surgery, a minimum of four hours after waking up from the anaesthetic. We recommend you take two weeks off before returning to work perhaps a little longer if you do a very heavy physical job. We arrange for you do have a sperm count done 12 weeks after the operation and will write to you with the results and any further recommendations.

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To go ahead with a vasectomy reversal or to find out more, then make an appointment either online or by telephoning Yorkshire Vasectomy Reversal Clinic on 01482 672496.


Book your initial consultation today for only £150.
The price for the full procedure is £3,482 and includes the initial consultation cost.

Book an initial consultation appointment

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