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Following a vasectomy reversal, have tests found no sperm cells?

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Following a vasectomy reversal there were either no sperm cells found; or sperm cells were found initially, but have disappeared on re-testing.

Our results of repeat vasectomy reversal

Here at YVRC we have had requests for information from a number of our customers about our success rate with repeat vasectomy reversals. Usually requesting information on whether or not our operations have left customers with a good amount of sperm in post operation tests.

Some of these men when tested three months after their vasectomy reversals were found to have sperm in their samples, only to be re-tested later down the line and no sperm to be present. Others had no sperm in their initial samples.

In terms of the number of repeat vasectomy reversal operations, we have completed seven in total. Four of the men initially had a good sperm count present within the first few months of their first operations. These men were then tested again months later and it was found that they had no sperm in their samples. All four of these customers had good sperm counts in their samples when tested after a repeat operation. three out of the four repeat vasectomy reversal operations we have conducted in this situation have led to pregnancies.

The other three men were tested after their first vasectomy reversal and no sperm was found in their samples. One reason for vasectomy reversals being unsuccessful is that some surgeons don't test the fluid in the vas at the time of operation to see if sperm are present. If no sperm is found then it is likely that blockages in the delicate tubing between the testicles and the vas (the epididymis) may have occurred.

When such issues arise it is a much more difficult operation required to bypass the blockage; this is called an epididymo-vasectomy. After an epididymo-vasectomy approximately two thirds of men have sperm found in their ejaculate on testing and over half of these achieve pregnancies. At YVRC our results across these three operations are as follows:

  • One man was successful in achieving a pregnancy by natural conception
  • One of the men had sperm present in the ejaculate, leading to a successful pregnancy by IVF
  • One of the men was unfortunately unsuccessful in achieving pregnancy

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