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Are you suffering from post vasectomy pain syndrome on a daily basis?

Post vasectomy pain syndrome

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Symptoms can vary from a dull ache to an intensely crippling pain affecting testicles and can severely affect your sex life.

Our results for treatment of post vasectomy pain syndrome

We have had requests from our customers regarding figures, in terms of: numbers performed for pain; success rate in alleviating pain and the degree to which the pain had been alleviated by a microsurgical vasectomy reversal.

These men have been selected as having had their vasectomy no more than 5 years previously (which increases their chance of a successful reversal), of having pain limited to the epididymis and of not having any previous history of wound pains or neuralgia (further surgery usually makes these men's pain worse). If the time interval was more than 5 years an epididymectomy was usually offered. Spermatic cord blocks have also been used when other methods have failed.

Our initial results were that 14 men had a complete disappearance of their pain and a further 2 had a significant improvement in their pain at review 3 months after surgery, however, pain returned in 2 patients, 1 of whom went on to have a successful epididymectomy. These results are similar to those in a number of published series.

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