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The vasectomy reversal

Men seek a vasectomy reversal for many different reasons, and at any time following the original vasectomy. During a vasectomy the tubes (the vas deferens) that lead from the testicle which the sperm swim along are divided, and deliberately blocked to halt their passage. In simple terms a vasectomy reversal involves joining the tubes back together to allow the sperm to swim along them again to reach the outside world.

This sounds like a fairly straightforward task. However, the difficulty lies in the fact that the internal diameter of the vas deferens is tiny (in some cases just 0.25mm) and in order to produce the best results the tubes have to be joined back together accurately to produce a leak proof join with minimal chances of scarring. This can only be achieved reliably by using microsurgery so that ultrafine sutures (less than the width of a human hair) can be used with the help of an operating microscope. This allows layers of stitches to be placed into the vas deferens to minimise the chances of leakage.

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